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B.V. Doshi wins the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2018
India and the Academy Awards

India and the Academy Awards

Soham Biswas, February 28, 2018

Over time a lot of Indians have made it up to the big stage of motion pictures lately and prior to 90th Academy Awards Ceremony we take a look at Indians who triumphed this award lately.


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From the boards (Image Courtesy:
The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel: An epitome of biological illustrations

Crispr: The future of gene editing, all you needed to know
Whatever the topic is
21st Century Digital Dilemma

21st Century Digital Dilemma

Swapravo Bhakta, September 11, 2017

A websurfers guide to the internet: Level amateur.

Cyberspace Guide

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Mindhunter: The series that will haunt you
Neutron stars collision and gravitational waves
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Goodbye Cassini!
To The Times When Things Took Time
Psychological Effects Of Music