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To The Times When Things Took Time

To The Times When Things Took Time

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To the times when things took "time" and we all had attention spans lasting longer than what it takes to go through this sentence and didn't feel compulsive to take selfies at every fucking occasion.

[make sure you go through the article as it is chronologically intended to present itself to you, otherwise it would make no sense //this note is on top of the page because otherwise you might not even make it that far down to the end//]

To the readers who were born in the 90s or earlier, remember the java phones? Yes, those nifty little phones which lasted a minimum of 3 days on a single charge (provided of course that you too had few friends just like me, and also another determining factor was that the calls were hell lot more expensive than they are now) and one had to press the alphanumeric keys 13 times to type in "hello" (literally two times more than the no. of letters that constituted the word and three more), which more often than not yielded unsatisfying or no reply at all. When the "snake" game was the only one in our phones and smartphones didn't dictate our lives, yes, I'm talking about the 'good old days gone by'.

I've been noticing for the last couple of months that my productivity has dived very low (not that I was a very productive human to begin with). The general ability to focus on anything more than a few minutes has become terribly hard. What bothers me that I'm not the only one. The so called "social" medias doesn't give one much "social" stuff to do, except maybe stalk someone and constantly wallow in self-pity and hatred resulting from constantly holding one's life in comparison to someone else's in parameters such as but not limited to the social, cultural and material.

As I am, and you too are growing up, I can't help but enforce my conviction that the most peaceful and relaxing ideas are explored best when presented on a simple palette. The daily loads of feeds from different apps are anything but that, here's a video to attest to that fact : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAjHTno8fbY (lol right?) Not so funny if you think about it a little bit, we can barely wait to scroll over the YouTube suggestions before the video on play has barely even started and took quite a lot of searching to arrive at to begin with.

I know, this article doesn't appear friendly but this one isn't supposed to be so, this one is intended to make you think, instead of just passively consuming the binary bits maybe if we explore exciting possibilities, who knows what could happen!!

The earlier article was about the "where" and "how" of good content perusal, this one is about the "why" of it, because we all have been allotted a rather limited amount of time on this pale blue dot, we should spend it on doings things that empower and push mankind forward, rather than contribute to cheap thrills of indulgence, as has been said in Trainspotting "Choose Life", we here at outofthesyllabus.com believe that we should also choose wisely on what to do with it.

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