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It's been a while we've got Out Of The Syllabus. We try to cover each and every content which we find interesting or which we think needs to be told, filtering the dry information, in diverse and engaging ways. We are currently a small team with limited resources set out on a big mission to present interesting content from all fields by building the largest community of creators and readers.

Join us and get Out Of The Syllabus by dropping in your piece of work at [email protected]. We accept all kinds of creative currencies including articles, illustrations, drawings, sketches, poems, stories and doodles. Though we are not displaying anything other than articles, right at this moment, but we will be having them soon.

Since Out Of The Syllabus is about minimising the dry stuff, we may not be able to able to publish all the works we recieve. If we publish your work, we will contact you and brief you about the particulars of the upload.

From the Boards:

From the boards (Image Courtesy: unsplash.com)

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